Does he like me or was it just sex?

I met a guy about 6 months ago while on holiday in the neighboring city and we went dancing. That night he wanted us to have sex but I declined and he put me in a cab home, then I returned to my city. We communicated a bit (with me most of the initiating) and finally met up when I was back in his city and he made love to me. But it was weird, it wasn't like a one night stand. It was so intimate and we talked and cuddles and he shared a lot of things with me and we really connected. He treated me so respectfully, kindly and sweetly, in a way no other guy has done. I am traveling abroad and now he is silent? What's going on?


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  • Have you tried contacting him? If you haven't, then it's too early to assume that it was just sex. See if you can reconnect with him. But if he remains distant, then it's probably true that he just wanted sex.

    • Only one to say I arrived back in my city safely. I thought it's better I also keep quiet rather than initiate.

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  • If he stopped talking to you and stop being so "connected" to you then yes he was just using you for sex. Remember guys aren't going to treat you like garbage when sleeping with you. Many guys will be really nice and sweet even if it's a one night stand. One night stands don't always imply being treated like some dirty garbage.

    • He hasn't stopped talking to me, he just hasn't communicated. And we didn't communicate loads before. He still likes my Facebook posts and pictures, just no direct communication. But he always replies when I initiate contact, he just never initiated contact.

    • Well you initiated meeting up and now you are the one intiating again. It doesn't quite sound like you two want the same thing or on the same page. It sounds like he is just interested in being casual and having sex on the side. I don't get the idea that he's actually very interested in getting to know you or taking things further.

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