What to give her tonight for christmas?

So we are at a pretty awkward stage. Not dating really anymore. But also still really good friends ha. I'm sure you've all been there. At one point she had more Intrest in me than k had in her, And now the roles are flipped and I'm trying to win her over again haha. So today being Christmas. What are some things I could do for a gift? I was thinking about just some white roses and maybe a white teddy bear or something to leave at her doorstep? What should I do? I don't want to spend to much money and make her feel weird because we aren't in a committed realationship. But I also want to make her know I'm thinking about her? Is that a good idea. Or should I do something else?


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  • The gift that keeps on giving.

    Partially joking. Buy her roses or anything related to her interests.


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  • Step 1: cut a hole in the box
    Step 2: put your dick in the box
    Step 3: have her open the box

  • dude... if you really like her, then don't waste your time. Meet her in person and give her a kiss, don't ask for it... just go for it. make sure it isn't longer than 5 seconds. Be gentle. It would be the best gift, believe me. :D

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