Just for fun: Let me calculate how compatible you and your crush are :) ?

So I purchased this astrological compatibility calculator, which calculates your and your partner's compatibility.
If anyone is intersted, I can calculate how compatible you and your crush are.

Needed information is:
1. Your both birth dates?
2. City and county you both were born in?
3. Birth time (not required)

Because I am busy, I can't do calculations today. I try to do them this week or next week the latest :)


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  • Based on what are the results?

    • Based on astrological aspects (planetary energies). It says that the more harmonious these aspects are, the better you will understand each other.
      Ofc, this isn't science, so I wouldn't suggest to only depend on it. But if it resonates, then it could be helpful.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Me: 31st of August, 1993

    Him: 8th of July, 1988

    Me: Horta, Portugal (city, country)

    Him: Tan-tan, Morocco (city, country)

    Me: 15h55 (Lisbon time)

    Him: have no idea XD

    • he's my boyfriend, but still I wanna know :D

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    • by the way, are you in a relationship or not?

    • yes, I am

      It is a long distance relationship, as you may have realised

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What Guys Said 2

  • Can you PM me so we can do it in private?

  • would like to, but i dont even know these facts^^

    • Can't you find that from Facebook?

    • nope, the city and country are not given there. not everybody uploads everything to facebook :D

What Girls Said 12

  • I'm interested in knowing that, but I prefer to talk in private.
    Can you message me? Since you're anonymous I can't do that.

    • Sure. I am gonna send PM. :)

  • Oh I like it
    1) I was born 9 August 1995 and he was born 10 March 1996
    1) I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and he was born in New York, USA

    • The score was 28.49.
      Almost 30, which suggests that there is natural harmony and understanding between you :).
      It's not too bad. You could work :)

    • Yaay thank you 😊😊😊

  • 17th of September and 23th of November
    Country: Portugal for both and city: Évora for me and Lisbon for him

  • Could you pm me? Would love to try :)

  • 1/14/96 & 6/11/94
    San Diego, CA & NYC

    • Oh, wow!!!
      Another great result. Score is 62.49 :).

      Again really good score, which could indicate that there could be natural harmony and understanding between you. Of course, I am not sure how accurate it is.
      It says that suggested score should be at least +30. I have calculated many people's compatibility and for some it has give -30 and even -80. My parents, who have stayed together faithfully for 35 years, the compatibility was 70.
      So according to this calculator it should work out great :)

  • 1. Your both birth dates? Mine: April 5th 1988, His: March 15th 1982
    2. City and county you both were born in? Me: Norwich, CT, USA, Him: Sarasota, FL USA

  • Me: 14/11/1994 and Melbourne Australia
    Him:22/12/1990 Melbourne Australia

    • The score wasn't very good unfortunately.
      Only -39.26.
      But you don't have to take it very seriously, it might not be true.
      Good luck :)

  • 1. July 5 1994 & April 9 1992
    2. Chicago, IL, USA for both.
    3. 7:50 pm and I don't know his.

    My boyfriend, but I still wanna know :P

    • Okay... don't take it very seriously.
      But the score was 13.39. (and tbh, it's not too bad, as there has been -80 for result previously :P)
      This might not apply for you. I believe that most important is communication and common understanding in relationship and I am sure you manage to make it work as long as you want to.
      Good luck :)

  • 11/11/1997 and 21/4/1998
    United Kingdom

    • Because you didn't give me city, I don't know how accurate it is... I put this as city: London (Middlesex), United Kingdom

      But the score is amazing :). 99.61!!!
      Hopefully it is accurate.
      All the best :)

  • Female 11-28-95
    Male 7-26-85
    City state both Auburn, Al

    • Wow, highest score that I have seen!!!
      According to this site you have really high compatibility. Congratulations :)

      (I put the birthplace correctly, right: Auburn (Lee), Alabama, United States?)

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    • We talk, but I'd say he's more of crush than anything. Nothing serious, but I'd like it to be. I'm just be patient and letting time take it course.

    • That's sweet :). It's right attitude that you let the time take it's course and that you are patient.
      I wish you all the best :)

  • 1. His- December 26 mine -december 10
    2. Both from mexico city

    • The year also :)

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    • Okay, I hope the city Mexico city, Centro Médico ABC (District Federal), Mexico is correct.

      The calculation gave 15.49. Which is not too bad, but also not too good.
      Again, I am not sure how accurate the calculation is. It depends how well you two are able to understand each other :).
      It says that +30 is advised to have, because then the understanding and harmony comes more naturally between you two. But e. g. once I did this calculation to a couple who was together for 13 years and their score was -30. It can also give a score -80.

      So there is still hope :). In case you are going to be in a relationship, try to communicate and understand each other, when you have disagreements and be considerate with one another.

    • Thank you! This is so interesting lol ☺️

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