Do I text a second time?

I'm going to keep this short.

I went on 2 dates with a girl from tinder. We were talking for a few weeks before we met and she asked me to meet up twice, the second time I agreed. The messaging was pretty relaxed and she always replied quick enough but not clingy-quick.

I think we hit it off, except she seems insecure and when she thinks im sending her mixed signals she acts very cold and sarcastic until I warm her up a bit. Sometimes the conversation would wear out and she wouldn't reply (when we were on tinder, i was crap at replying, but after i met her, she was the one that would stop replying, though it only happened twice or 3 times), and I would send the opening text again maybe 2 days later.

We really get along and she seemed super into meeting up again, but last time I texted her I decided that I would be the one to end the conversation, because I figured she would have at that point anyway. Then I realized this was stupid like a day later and i texted her. This was a week ago and no reply.

I dunno if she's being insecure? Usually if I don't reply it means I'm not into them, but she did seem into me, and it's not like I bombarded her with texts at all, I think we were being mostly equal. I want to wait and see if she'll contact again, because one part of me is thinking if she isn't making an effort then who cares? But another part of me thinks she is being insecure and I should text her.. but I don't want to seem clingy either...

TL;DR I went on 2 dates with a girl who seemed keen, but a little insecure possibly. I texted her a week ago and no reply. Should I text again or leave it?


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  • I say go for it. And this way if she still doesn't respond then you can be done with it.