My younger sister tries to undermine me?

she like never learns, i spend 6 months not talking to her and she still won't learn her lessons, if i tell her she just tries to yell and i can't even have a healthy argument with her, she just gets into defense immediately and funny thing she thinks she is the only ''one with a healthy social life'' while she is extremely negative and has no interest in other people. I dont even no how she got a boyfriend, he doesn't probably realize it, but anyways she always tries to undermine me and acts like her life is the most important thing ever and everything i go through is not worth listening, she frustrates me and i just keep my distance but i am extremely dissappointed tho, i mean, she should be one of the most important people who should be interested in my life the most just as i am to her... pff will she ever learn, she is 20 and im 23... i can't even get my story through her


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  • why is she in competition wit u because that is the rute problem

    • no clue, i mean if she does with friends... whatever, that shit exist, but with your own family is just weird

    • maybe she fels like u r doing bettr than her

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