What is my sister and my other friends doing right that I'm doing wrong when it comes to dating? They usually end up with nice guys?

I usually meet assholes who verbally abuse me even though I don't tolerate it and I don't allow it, usually when I meet the next guy he ends up being worse than the previous guy

my friend is in a relationship and she always meets good guys but they are so unattractive looking but they are good men

I have met a few good guys and my sister is married, I just met him today.

I don't jump into relationships I only had 2 relationships and these were good men. My last ex dumped me

My friend has a kid with her boyfriend and she always talks on Facebook about what he does for her

Just to clarify I never dated these assholes

The following are a list of thing I have experienced from these assholes:
Death threat
Threaten to hit me or get someone to hurt me
Verbal abuse

They act nice when I first meet them
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  • Death threat
    Threaten to hit me or get someone to hurt me
    Verbal abuse


    Do you know what, maybe you need advice from your sisters husband and friends boyfriend and say word for word how they act. Sometimes it's something they do that you don't realize that us guys will go "WHOA! WTF!" on.

    I mean how do they act when you first meet him?

    • Is your friends boyfriend unattractive to her? just curious.

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    • Hah, from what you're telling me, they're just as much Christian as Obama is. Christians dont do bad things. Trust me honey, I would tell them to their FACE they aren't Christian and would enjoy it. I mean you make them sound as violent as criminals in a state prison.

    • Heck, there are a lot of false churches these days that think they're followers of Christ, no matter what they call themselves, whether its Christian or Protestant or mormon or whatever.

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  • Um, is there a man who'll step in on your behalf and... have some words with these boys?

    Or more than words?

    Because death threats? Blackmail? That's some heavy shit.

    I'd contact the local police department, too. Get to know a couple officers personally, if you can -- most of them are good men, who are severely overworked and underappreciated. Just seeing an appreciative face would be pretty damn cool for them.

    • My dad will

    • It's time for daddy to step up and dust 'em off.

      If it was my daddy, he couldn't get there fast enough. He'd close up the shop early, LOL. He's been a solid productive member of society for so long, I'm sure he'd *love* to beat the living fuck out of someone.

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  • Lower your physical standards maybe.

    • My other friend not the same friend that im talking about in the details, she is gorgeous and her boyfriend is unattractive his teeth look bad but he is so good to her

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