Girls my age, would you date a bald guy? At least one who shaved from hair loss bald I mean?

Merry Christmas to me, tests came back basically saying that I have alopecia but not totalis, so I'll keep my eyebrows etc, but my hair in areas (mostly on top making me look older) thinned greatly, so I've been shaving for awhile until they found out if it was nutritional or not, well it's permanent, so girls can a guy with a chromedome be attractive to you?

i ask that for Chridtmas you be honest and really think if a bald guy approached you at a party etc before you answer, I'll be honest and say I'd never date an overweight girl or one with a plain or unattractive face, I only tell you this to invite honesty and show I won't judge for looks mattering like some

  • i would date a bald guy, no hair does not equal unattractive
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  • I wouldn't date a bald guy, this young it's a turn off
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See this is what bugs me about hairloss, truthfully treatnents even for mild hairloss is a scam and doctors have told me if it weren't such a vanity they'd be outlawed given the risks and nearly no success rates, (not that it matters my hairloss wouldn't even qualify for regular treatment)

But the point is why should a guy like myself with passions and a good start on life who's outgoing and wants something legit, have to settle for a non attractive girl cause he lost hair?
I'm not saying I would, honestly I'd die before Id accept a girl who didn't attract me physically initially, just making the point


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  • I shave my head. Got no problem crushing

    • That's good to hear, but I have a few questions, are you white? I only ask this because I'm white (can't even tan) and it seems like darker skinned guys get away with it more, also were the girls younger like my age? (20-23) and finally; were the girls very attractive?

      I don't mean any of this bad, but I'm just very curious about what I face etc. Thanks for your time

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    • im native American. also yes they are very attractive. I've never dated an ugly women.

    • Alright, thanks for your help man.

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  • Not my cup of tea but sure some girls won't mind

    • Out of curiosity would you say the majority of girls this age find it a dealbreaker, I get it may not have come up but you have more insight into female social circles than i

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    • I'm not...

    • Alright thanks for your help, I just worry that girls that are attractive or at least enough of them are against bald to the point it'd be hard to get a date or girlfriend young, I get its not everyone's deal but a guy can't regrow lost hair

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  • Blondefrog?