Guys, It's not fully over?

So last night we talked and he told me a lot about what's been going on with him lately. He is bipolar and off his meds and he also has depression and I guess that it has been getting at him bad. He says he needs time to thing and get his head in the right place. But he also said its not fully over. When I asked him what that meant he just told me he needs time to get his head straight cause he has been off his meds. I'm still not sure what he meant by not fully over and I'm afraid to push the matter because he is off his meds. He opened up to me about a lot of personal things and really let me see an emotional side of him. We have been dating for 5 weeks. I just want to know what not fully over means.


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  • Its a ploy to keep you around for when he wants you. Word of caution. I myself have a mental illness and its extremely difficult to get bipolars to take meds. The meds flatten them out and they can't stand that. The manic high is extremely euphoric to them and they suffer the lows so they can experience the highs. A relationship with an unmedicated bipolar really isn't possible

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