Is this fair to me?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for awhile and I feel like I've been to nice to him about my feelings. For example, I don't really like it whenever he says he wants to go on a date, he brings his friends along and I like them but I have talk to him saying that once in awhile can me and him alone. And even if I'm having a party that I'm only allowed to have a certain amount of people, again he decides to brings his friends along the way. And its annoying my family when he does that. Because we wouldn't mind it if he at least told me about bringing them along. I respect that he wants to be with his friends but I feel like I'm not respected enough to just wanting a day with him alone and I don't ask much else.


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  • When he asks or pushes for sex, ask him are his friend going to be there? You should tell him that you want some alone time.

    • This is actually a good reply. There are time for friends, there are times for family and there are times for intimacy. He should respect that.

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