Set up on a date by best girlfriend... Unique Situation... Help?

I was set up with a girl on a date and long story short, it went amazingly well... We have a ton in common and all of that as well as it turned into a double date after a 2.5 hour supper with my bestgirlfriend and her boyfriend. I ended up meeting the mom as well and had them all laughing (mom texted best girlfriend next am sayn she loved me..) I went on a second lunch date with the girl and her brother and my brother, and that went really well!

Problem is: she works 9 hours away but wants to move to city where I am at someday, and she was just here for Christmas (we went out for supper and lunch in the past 3 days). I really want to take her out again though because she impressed me so much... but she is leaving to go back very soon... I asked her if she wanted to do something the last day she was here, and she said that it was a family day but also said she isn't trying to blow me off or be lame... just that its her last day and her fam wants it to just be them... which is totally respectable...

I have no problem with the distance and all if the girl is worth it... and I would drive 9 hours to take her out again (got a buddy in the same city so id make a weekend trip), but any advice on the next move? We don't really text, but I am pretty sure she is interested at least... I just don't wanna be too pushy/I want to def give her space... So should I wait a week and give her a call and tell her I would love to take her out again? This whole situation with her only being back a week makes the situation a lot different so I had to be kinda pushy in order to see her... I am an old fashoned kinda guy in terms of dating and would love to just get to know her more... Any advice as to what to do would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Also, I am busy until mid January with stuff but this is one of those types of girls who has it all that you don't run into everyday... which is the only reason I want to at least try so I won't have any regrets


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  • Talk to her


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  • u should contact her immediately and not wait or anything because every moment u dont confirm that you are interested is a moment faith is lost in your interest

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