Should I talk to her?

So this girl is in my class ( over 100+ sudents ) at college i dont remember seeing her or if i did i didn't know her , she added me on facebook two days ago ( just me out of 100+ classmates we have ) and we dont even know each other in RL i've see her profile once and thats it , she is pretty hot but iam not sure if i should talk to her or not , what do you think?


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  • Just start talking about classes first, then if everything is ok and she responds you kindly, you can open other interesting conversations :)

    • yea that could work thank you

What Guys Said 2

  • why not man? you're no less. Go ahead and talk to her and then ask her out with confidence. What's the worst thing that could happen if she says no? Nothing!! :D You move on... simple!!

    • Hahahah true that i've been rejected before and it had no effect on me , in fact i made my standards higher and started finding much more willing, interesting and attractive girls

    • yeah dude! that's the spirit... find someone hotter if she says no.. :P :P

  • Go for it you have nothing to lose everything to gain

    • everything to gain , thats good i like that