Im confused help please?

This girl and I really like each other but she is doing her and I am doing me.. So I tell her I just want to be friends she gets really sad and says we are more then friends. She says she is not ready to risk putting herself out there again after being hurt by her ex.. But yet she is sad I want to be friends cause it's hurting her and hurting me we are seeing other people what am I to do what is this thats going on help!! She says it's scarey how much she likes me cause she usually don't like guys that way and I really don't like girls that way any help please!!

She even let me meet her mom and she told her mom about me and her little bro also likes me a lot which she considered a very good thing
No were having sex I am the one who offered to be friends and she got sad


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  • She just wants you as a friend? Like a brother?


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