Guys, if you found out the girl you had been seeing had a tinder she was on frequently would you stop seeing her?

Like not in a relationship but just beginning to see and you liked her, and it seemed like you guys may have something and had been on a few dates, but you found out she has a tinder and was talking to other dudes would you stop seeing her? Even if you weren't exclusive?


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  • If we weren't exclusive, then why would I stop dating her? She's trying to find love just like I am.

    • That's what I thought too! This guy stopped talking to me after he saw me on tinder.. We had gone out a couple times and he asked me to dinner, but then he saw me on tinder and started to ignore me.

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    • I didn't fuck anyone. I didn't even meet anyone on there 😒

    • Okay. I'm just saying he might have THOUGHT that you did.

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