How to not be attracted to my girlfriend's sister?

I'm dating the sweetest girl who loves me a lot and whom I love as well. She is really pretty and intelligent and deep and just absolutely amazing. If I lost her I would be devastated and so would she, and I know these things. I also know that the only thing she is self-conscious and insecure about is her younger sister. Her sister is a year younger than she, and has a personality that in no way compares to my girlfriend's, and I know I would never be capable of loving her. However, I am very attracted to her. It isn't even that she is incredibly hot; she IS really pretty and has a great body, but people don't usually talk about how hot she is. I'm afraid that part of my attraction to her is the fact that I could never be with her... Not because I couldn't get her (because I know I could), but because it would completely crush my current girlfriend. I obviously know what the moral, mature thing to do here is: To bottle up my feelings and be happy with my girlfriend. But I'm afraid that if I simply do this, my "lust" (if you could call it that) would never go away. And I can't even talk about it with my girlfriend because I've told her before that I don't think about her sister that way.

Please try to put yourselves in my shoes and don't just give me an unsubstantive answer or insult. I'm trying to be a good guy here.


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  • Look, nothing of the sort really actually happens, without you wanting it to, no matter how much you tell yourself this. I just really believe that if this is that much of a problem, you don't really love your girlfriend. But that's just my view on love. For me, true love, the love that actually makes a difference in people's lives, leaves no room for such trivial 'obstacles' - if this can even be called a genuine obstacle. I hope someday you find that kind of love, and until then good luck!

    • Thank you for your response and your well-wishes. I disagree that there is no room for obstacles in love; I have never before known a couple, personally or otherwise, who didn't have problems. I genuinely love my girlfriend, I could see myself marrying her. And I know that my attraction to her sister is simply lust.

    • Hey, that's fine, I actually said 'no room for such trivial 'obstacles'. Problems are fine, no one can escape them. My wishes were genuine. If your love for your girlfriend is so great, this shouldn't be a problem :) if the attraction for the sister is so impossible to overcome you probably need to ask yourself some questions. Which doesn't mean I advised you to break up or anything. Just make sure your feelings are what you thjink they are and you won't hurt your girlfriend when you will actually be married, possibly with kids and so on.

  • Just avoid hanging around her sister and keep it in your pants.

    • Thanks for the response. It's impossible for me not to hang around her because they are practically best friends and the 3 of us hang out all the time. She's in one of my classes as well, and my girlfriend isn't in it.

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  • Are you attracted to her in a sexualy way?

    • Yes, though I wish I weren't. I just always find myself flirting with her without trying/wanting to.

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    • It's possible that you won't feel this way once you start having sex with her.

      But for now, ask yourself what can yo do? The only thing thats gonna come to your mind is stay away! You know he answer. Not act fast.

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