Why all girls that I really like end up haiting me or cutting me off completely?

I dont know why that happens, but it is always like that. There has being 4 women on my life that i have truly fell head over heels for them, but they always end up haiting me or completely cutting me off.

I inestly don't know what happens, all i know is that i act like a complete goof and stumbble a lot around them.


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  • They don't consider you their type or they simply don't find you interesting.


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  • You don't want to chase too hard because that shows low value. You want to be a valuable enough guy that your fine with or without her and this will make you more desirable. A guy who chases too much is telling her that he has little value and why would she want that? You want to be the guy that she wishes liked her and maybe he will start to like her if she tries to be the best woman she can be. A 'cool' guy is so attractive partially because he knows that if she dosen't work out there are ten more behind her he can go to without a problem. Now she's gonna do whatever she can to keep him around.
    Too many guys get smitten over one women, chase the shit out of her hoping she will fall in love with him for his efforts but she looses her attraction because he is showing that he is insacure, low value, low status, dosen't have many prospects: all the things that turn women off.
    As grandpa Simpson says "you gotta play it cool".
    The best way to avoid all of this is to avoid oneitis. Oneitis is when you focus on one girl and have no other prospects so it becomes soooooo important to you to get her. She will smell this and it will turn her off. Always have a couple of prospects on the go so if one dosen't work out- meh on to the next. You no longer act like its life or death with one woman and that makes you attractive. So when you find a girl you like don't stop developing things with other girls. Keep talking to girls you like and as you get better with women and no longer show low value you become more attractive. And if Susan dosen't text you back that's fine maybe Kim will. You're no longer dependant on just one. Women do this just naturally. They almost always have a guy or more on the back burner she can go to for what she needs of bob dosen't come through and she's not going to act like a idiot trying to get bob to do what she wants. Fred is just a text away.


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