Should I just ask this guy if he likes me or not? I don't know what to do and I don't want to make a fool of myself?

So we used to hang out a lot and I've know him for a while but got close to him within the last 2 months. We used to talk everyday and he always started the conversation. He liked this other girl when we became close and I helped him with her but nothing ever happened. Then I started hanging out with his brother too with my best friend and some other guys and he started getting jealous. He's asked me if I liked them and I can tell by the way he texts he gets jealous. Then he text me and told me he liked me 2ish weeks ago but then pretended like it never happened, he told 2 of my friends this too. He told my best friend the last day of school before break that the reason he doesn't like to hang with us when we hang with his brother is bc his brother acts like he wants to hu with me and he thinks I like his brother even tho he has a girlfriend. So he gets really jealous, and he tried to make me jealous too by calling other girls hot infront of me and saying he's gonna go hang with them and saying that he's gonna go to the movies with a bunch of girls.. He gets mad at little things I do and barely talks to me anymore. He text me to talk about it about 9 days ago and he then told me he had mixed emotions for me.
The thing is, I do like him and I've told him I did like him but I like being friends with him too and I didn't want to not be. But he's just confusing me so much and I want to be more than friends but when we do text it feels like a drag now and I dont think he likes me anymore so should I ask him or not?


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  • He currently has a girlfriend, so it's not a good move to provoque those thoughts in him, unless you want to be the reason of a breakup. He sounds like a player to be hanging around with other girls/calling them hot just to make you jealous. And now he's acting cold again in texts... I'd just try to let it go, but if you Do ask, and he says No, then it will be much easier for you to move on.
    Being friends will only make it worse for you. You should get some distance if you want to let it go in case he says no.

    The problem starts if he says he likes you back (or even worse, if he says he's confused and doesn't know) with the situation of his girlfriend.


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