Girls, could I get a girlfriend in college if I have two chipped front teeth?

I am very, very self conscious about my two front teeth which are almost missing after a car hit me and chipped them. It would cost 1000$ each for implants and I won't be able to afford that until I graduate and have a good paying job.
Excluding my bad front teeth I do have a great personality, I'm very nice, have a great sense of humor, I'm always polite and chivilrous and I could also be a useful boyfriend because I know how to fix most computer and smartphone problems. The rest of my physical apperacnce is above average; my face is clear of acne, I take really good care of my hair and I have a slim physiche from jogging everyday.

So would my two missing front teeth make getting a girlfriend impossible? I know many will tell me to wait until I get the 2,000$ to fix them, but I'm extremely lonely now that my parents have both died.

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  • No, you can never get a girlfriend until you fix your teeth.
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  • You sound pathetic, desperate and should hang yourself
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  • My boyfriend have same story hit by car, I was ok but then he changed, so I left him , he is so cold , I was ok with his front teath since I know he will fix them later

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