Am I really this irrelevant? Was everything a lie?

Long story short... I've been dating this guy named Mike for three months... And a month (I think) ago I blew him off because he liked and commented other girl's pictures and I didn't like that.. But then two days later he texted me, apologized, saying that he cares too much about me to just let me go. And since then he stopped liking pics etc.
Though last week we had a debate about homosexuals and their rights... Let's say we don't agree much on that... So I ended the conversation and he didn't text me for three days... and in those three days I saw that he started liking pictures of other girls again.. So I texted him and told him that we should end things... And he was like ''okay I understand... though you should know that I didn't ignore you, I just knew you were studying maths.. so I left you alone. But I appreciate you telling me this.. I'm not angry'' And about maths... I had a test on Tuesday and this convo happened on Thursday. So that's a lie. He didn't even ask how the test went? Anyways I replied ''okay, well see you around I guess'' and he was like ''bye:*'' BYE:*? WHAT THE HELL? That's it? And the thing is that he was obsesed with me? He texted me all the time, liked all of my pictures, took me on dates, talked about me, he wanted to buy me something for Christmas, he asked me where shall we go for new years... he was into me so much that it was getting annoying. Though now he doesn't care?
Last night I went to a Christmas party and he was there.. guess what? he barely said hello? Though he stared at me all the time.. like he was admiring me..(I looked reallyyyy hot). He was obsesed with my looks before, so that doesn't surprise me.. but he didn't approach or anything..
I don't understand him? Was everything just a lie?
P. s. I think he erased me from snapchat.. I can see all of his stories, though he didn't see any of mine.


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  • Thankfully, by the way you spoke of him in the question, it doesn’t sound like you regarded him highly at all, so there isn’t much of a loss there. I honestly do not understand what the big deal is about a boy liking, sharing, or commenting on a woman’s status or photo… but that is probably because I am not very insecure of myself or overtly possessive. I doubt his response was intended to make you feel irrelevant, but it really does sound like you didn’t give too much of a shit about him – ever. Just let it slide off your back like a duck and move on. Life is too short to be hung up on things like this.

    • Yes I never cared about those things either... Though my ex used to like pictures of this girl and when we broke up, the next week he started dating her. And the same thing happened with this small crush of mine. That's why I don't like it... I believe there's something bigger behind those likes. I did care about him and I still do. I simply don't understand his behavior right now? I always thought of him as this chill, relaxed person and now he can't say hello? Though he told me via texts that he wasn't angry? I'm confused and I'm a person that overthinks pretty much everything so I can't just let this go.

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    • It is possible that the affection he felt toward you has diminished over time and therefore it didn’t faze him as much as it did the last time you broke up with him. As much as I’d like to think that isn’t what happened, it is quite possible! But I personally believe it’s just hurt he is expressing through indifference and nonchalance. Unless you are interested in dating him again, I’d take his aloofness and make good of it – get over it and find a new dude! Unfortunately, we will never understand how others’ truly feel by our actions if they are unwilling to communicate about it, and it is just something we just have to understand and accept.

    • Yes sadly that is possible.. Though it makes more sense that he's hurt, because just a week ago he was asking me what I want for Christmas... I don't think I want to date him again, but I really thought that we could at least stay friendly, you know? After ''the break up'' I posted a selfie and he liked it and I kind of took it as a sign that we're ''cool'' lol. Guess not...

  • Most of the time after people "end things," things are... ended. From what I've seen it's more likely that the two people involved won't even stay friends, but it sounds to me like he really liked you, and, no, I don't think everything was a lie. Whether he still has those feelings or not, he's probably not talking to you because he thinks you don't care anymore. Everyone works through breakups differently, and for some, ignoring the situation is their way to go.

    • But the thing is we weren't even in a relationship. People knew about us yes and we acted like we were but we weren't yet.. you know what I mean? And he told me he doesn't hold grudges and I believed him because he's that type of a person. Really calm and chill.. And why is it different now? I already blew him off once and he still texted me, saying he grew some sort of feelings for me and risked getting rejected. Now what? He can't say hello at a club? What changed?

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    • Yeah I thought about that too... But he told me that he doesn't like them and that they shouldn't have the right to get married etc. And I really didn't like that because he didn't have good arguments, while I did. And now his ''feelings'' are gone just because of that? Weird... It seems like he never truly cared for me...

    • I don't know, that is kinda weird. Some people act strange when you oppose their opinions though. I'm sure he did care about you, and he more than likely still does. Not sure why he's acting so odd... if it really bothers you, you could always try to talk to him about it. He might still be short or even ignore you, but it's worth a shot if you still want to keep in touch.

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