How do I get her to be mines again?

I was talking to this girl for a couple of months and we really liked each other, even talked about kids and marriage. She'd call me everyday to talk and ik that sounds annoying but it's not if you really like said person. Now for the last month we talked she said she didn't like the fact that I was a big procastinator and I need to change that. I kept brushing it off but obviously she was serious because during Thanksgiving week she told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore because she was interested in someone else. We argued and I basically said goodbye. A week later she started texting me hear and there again. I thought she still just wanted to be friends so I was ignoring her but 1 day after class she told told me she still had feelings for me. We talked on the phone later that week and she said she missed me and that she only said that to scare me into get over my bad habits like my procastination and etc. After that I thought things would go back to normal and we would talk on a daily basis like we used to but we haven't. How do I get her to be mines again? I asked my older bro and he said to play it cool and it seems to be working but I want her and it's getting hard to just play it cool. What are you all's thoughts?


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  • Personally, I believe “playing it cool” is just the same as procrastinating… which is what this particular woman found unappealing in you to begin with. Once you lose interest in someone, despite the feelings you have for them lingering somewhere in the background, it is extremely difficult to fall back in the same type of love you had in them in the beginning. I doubt it will ever be like it used to be between you two, although it could happen! If I were you, I’d stop “playing it cool”, stop being lazy, and really give it a good and strong effort to win back her affections. Communication is key!


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  • Wire some explosives to her and stick her in the ground with a pressure plate on her.


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