Whenever I text a girl , I just feel like she's not intrested at all?

So this girl i text or chat, first i always start the conversation , second whenever i talk to her the way she responds its either she doesn't seem intrested by saying lol or aha or like those acronyms I don't know like or lmao. Like that when she does that i just don't know how to continue the convo , i have to start on a new subject which i dont really know what to talk about. Or she barely says anything. With that it makes me feel llke whenver i start talking to her like when i start the convo it makes me feel like that im bothering or annoying her. People say that's easy just talk to them just as their friends , nah impossible. About me:The thing is that im kinda friend zoned but not really , like were friends like we do talk but not a lot in person. so asking her out not sure if im on that lvl , remind you that im a shy/nervous person so that's why i feel more comfortable texting her and i've dated girls its just that the me and my ex got together was just weird we didn't really ask each other out like our friends got us together and we just simply went out together. So the asking her out game , im not too familiar with that. Anyone got any solutions or having the same problem?

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  • If her response isn't helping carry the conversation further (lol, I know right, hahaha, yeah, etc.) I usually end the conversation with "well it was good talking to you, got to run/see ya around/ttyl/good night/have a good day/have fun/etc.

    • lol but there's no other way around it which i can make it intresting with her , i have tried talking about things we both like but still the same.

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    • You have 3 options.

      You can act like a man

      Stop talking to her

      Just ask her if she wants to go to dinner with you sometime

    • act like a man?

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  • If she answers like that all the time, she is either a boring person or she simply doesn't like you.


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