How can I get the courage to ask this girl out?

I'm really in love with this one girl but im really scared to ask her out. We talk to each other a lot and she likes being with me from how things are going. We watched a movie 2 days and and she rested her head on my shoulders.

How can i ask her out?


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  • think of it like this:

    if you ask her out and she says yes, you have a new girlfriend
    if you ask her out ans she says no, then you carry on like you didn't ask her
    you don't lose anything when asking a girl out, just something to gain.


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  • Just tell here you had a great time last time and that you would love to do something again. I would say that you should try to keep it simple like going for a walk or watching a movie horror is preferred.

  • This is a rhetorical question, simply be confident.

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