What does it mean when a guy stops texting you?

I've been talking to this guy for four months now. In the beginning I wasn't too interested but I kept him around. He would always complain that I never text him and I didn't seem interested. He would always text me first and sweat me that he wanted to see me all the time. I never really gave him the time of day and he would always point out that he wants me to text him more and check up on him more. He told me "whats the point of talking to someone when they never try to communicate back?" As the second month rolled by I learned he was actually a great person. Not only was he very attractive but we had a lot of common interests. I decided that I would put in more time with this guy, so I started initiating all the text messaging that he asked for. We started hanging out more and getting closer. We even gave each other nicknames and we would text each other elaborate paragraphs about our day. We never really had time to see each other because our schedules clashed. One day he had a couple of drinks and told me that he liked me and he put a lot of things about me aside (such as I smoke, and he hates smokers) but he found me intelligent and very attractive. From the very beginning we made it clear that we did not want to be in a relationship. Although the last 2 weeks almost felt like we were in one. Last week he stopped texting me completely. I figured I would give it time so I texted him 3 days later but no response, he would usually respond to me within seconds. I came up with 4 scenarios:

1. He lost/broke his phone

2. He found someone new

3. He lost interest

4. He got scared because he started to realize that he really started to have feelings for me.

I'm not too hurt about the situation but I would like some clarification so I can stop wondering what the hell I did wrong


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  • He might be testing you to see if you would respond just like you are on here- wondering what happened. Id give it a week of no contact with him, no texts or calls, then see if he responds. I guess if he doent by that time text him one more time, a casual Hello, and see what happens.


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  • This is interesting because I can relate to the whole texting issue. Did you try texting him again besides that one time you did three weeks later? It is possible that the text was somehow not delivered. If you want you can communicate with him someother way like a phone call or message through Facebook. But then again since you guys aren't in an actual relationship maybe he doesn't feel the need to talk to you and he might come around.

  • 1. He could have emailed you or found some way of letting you know

    2. Very possible

    3. Also very possible

    3. He already had feelings for you, if he didn't he wouldn't have bothered to stick around when you didn't show any interest.