Are professional matchmakers reliable?

Yeah, I know people are gonna say that these are just money making scams. But I haven't been able to score a date for more than 3 years now. I was considering professional matchmaking services, where they guarantee a fixed number of dates for a few thousand dollars. Steep, I know. But I can afford it, and I feel like that's the only way I can get to date, since I just don't have access to single, available women where I live.

So have you actually had some success with these matchmakers, or know anyone who has? Please share. Thank you.

I'm looking for more answers please.


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  • That is cool

    • Huh? Didn't get you. You sure you read the question right?

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    • I'm actually left with no other option, because single and available women are an endangered species where I live! :P

    • You must at least do your research before doing such thing

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  • I don't think they'll help you.

    Matchmakers are most useful for busy professionals who are attractive and can date, but don't have time to sift through the hundreds of people who WOULD date them. The matchmaker finds other, highly dateable people, who want similar things and who they think they'd be compatible with.

    You don't need someone to screen your dates. You need better dating skills. But...

    you say 'I don't have access to single available women'. Why not?

    If you work on an oil rig or in a mine or something, I'd suggest online dating on relationship oriented sites not a matchmaker.

    • Well... that's because I live in an underdeveloped, conservative third world country where women aren't open to dating. That's the reason I don't have access to single women. Most women here are either already taken, and if not, they're still hurting over a previous relationship or crushing on someone else (which makes them unavailable, although they're 'technically' single).

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    • Well... I won't be striking off anyone. I'm only worried that the women may strike me off due to my ethnicity. I have travelled abroad earlier on official trips, and I do understand how things work in the developed world.

      I would actually prefer to wait until I'm professionally settled, before I date. I honestly don't feel confident enough in a new country when I'm just trying to get a footing there. Here in India, it was a different thing though, since I had a steady, full time job, a car, a house etc. I'm just leaving all this behind to start my life and career over from scratch. But I get what you say about practice, and I should be doing that honestly.

      Some people even went to extent of saying that to even have a chance of dating in the developed world, I should consider bleaching my skin and adopt an English-sounding name, to minimise the chances of me being written off due to my ethnicity and 'sup[posed' culture (because I never follow Indian culture).

    • I don't think I'll resort to these extreme measures, though.

      I just can't shake off the feeling that getting a woman in these countries to even give me a chance, would be a tougher task than Mount Everest, due to the negative stereotypes associated with men of my ethnicity. that's the reason i was considering matchmaking services.

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