Guys, Why hasn't he made it official?

We have been talking for 10 months and going out on dates for 4 month but he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend. Should I just move on or should I wait it out. I am pretty insecure so even when he tells me that he likes me I still question whether it could be true or not. But would a guy go out on expensive dates, and buy her presents if he wasn't serious?


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  • He wouldn't even waste the time, let alone the money if he wasn't serious about it

    • That is what I was thinking but then he doesn't really do much after the dates to show that he is invested in anything else than just going out.

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    • But the thing is we haven't had sex and we didn't have our first kiss until our 8th date.

    • What can I say? I guess he thinks you're marriage material

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  • The bigger question is how much thought went into the gifts. As well guys generally don't give away thought out gifts willy nilly unless they know the girl will cherish them.

    • Well I thought it was thoughtful. But it was clothes and something that I actually would wear.

    • Guys who really treasure the girl sometimes find more gifts that maybe represent how they feel or how much a girl means to them. Like if you notice a gift is similar to a prized possession to his parents or family maybe ask if there's a significance or a story behind it. Many times guys who give every gift has a story or memory behind it.