Any (non-trolly) advice appreciated. Does this sound like I blew it?

The other day at work, this girls said hi to me in a very excited fashion. Waving her hands around and a huge smile on her face. And i just smiled nodded and said hey. I didn't do it to play it cool or any bs like that. I did it because there were a view higher ups near by and I didn't want us to get in trouble. Otherwise I would've gone right up to her and started a conversation. Anyway sense then she hasn't really said hi to me. We've talked but not like we use to. Does it sound like I blew it. Again any advice would be appreciated

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  • No you didn't, try starting a conversation/flirting again
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  • You didn't blow it. Just go talk to her, joke about it and mention that you didn't wanna set off your bosses by slacking or something. She'll understand. Then just go back to normal. She probably just felt kinda self conscious because she'd acted goofy like that and you replied with, most likely without knowing, a poker face type thing which may or may not have lead her to believe you were really trying to conceal a wtf face.


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  • Just try getting a conversation going sometime again.


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  • You didn't blow it, try to talk to her. If you can, tell her why you didn't go up to her, I'm sure she'd understand.


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  • "A view higher ups"? What the fuck are you talking about?

    • Boss people in the company

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    • Yes it is

    • Right, now go ask out bitch flaps you pussy