If you like a lady you would try? how far would u go?

how long would it take u guys to tell her how I feel... signs! I been waiting for 6 mo and he has not asked me out of just straight up tell me


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  • Maybe too distant and he maybe more introverted than he seems. As introverts can throw on the leadership role in a pinch.

    Extroverts:can be fast and quick use to sticking with what works and is efficient.

    Introverts: tend to take it a new route and take risks and more time and be more complicated. But result in huge reward.

    (I'm introverted have 2 new nieces thanks to girl friend and lots of friends)

  • Why don't you ask him out?

    • why do I have to?

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    • I asked him I ever liked me and he replied duh yea... we can try... I didn't say lets do it or anything zzzz

    • Well you should've

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  • It depends on the guy. Some of them never even try at all. You've been wasting your time for nothing. Maybe you should stop waiting because he clearly won't make a move. You should either initiate or give up.

    • so true why does he auve to bother me I literally moved on and just moved on was like fuxk it totally not staring at the phone or waiting. was happy till he had to text me out of blue month later n say hey I miss u.