She introduced me to her brother?

ok we went to the mall and her brother was there already and we met up with him she didn't introduce me as a friend or say we're talking we we're in the store and her brother called her and she told him the store we was in so he comes in im pretty sure it's her brother not a boyfriend or nothing they look exactly alike lol but anyway the point I'm getting at when she introduced me she said Mike this is my brother Will. We shook hands and everything and talked for a little bit while she shopped for this thing for her computer and when she was ready I did offer to pay I was gonna pay anyway even if her brother wasn't there but anyway I paid for it and when we walked out the store he said he's about to go get something from gnc and he'll see her at home is that a good sign or bad sign does that even mean she likes me


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  • I dare say her whole family knows about the dreamy Mike she's been talking about non stop so no other introductions were needed XD

  • It looks like that is your future brother in law bro, congrats.


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