Why did he assume I wanted more then friendship when I clearly stated when we met I wasn't looking for anything? This happens all the time with guys?

So, this guy I knew from the summer kept messaging and all that, asking what I looked for in a guy etc., I said I wasn't looking, I'm happy with just friendships in life right now... He's texted daily, always initiating - we get along great as friends, whenever we'd hang out tho he'd be super flirty and touchy trying to cuddle, hug or attack in tickling - of course I'd laugh at being tickled and I hated it, and I just got awkward when he'd try to cuddle and turn away... The last time we hung out was completely different tho, he kept his distance and wasn't so flirty - so when he left I made a comment on how he seemed different - his response was he acted more like a friend and less flirty because he thought I wanted more then a friendship and didn't want my feelings to build up and end up hurt down the road... Threw me off completely being how I was the one treating him like a friend... This isn't the first time it's happened with a guy tho and I don't get why did he'd flip it? I did make it clear that I only want a friendship with him again during this convo, I'm just trying to figure out where guys come up with this assumption - id understand if I was overly flirty but I'm actually a super awkward girl... Thoughts? Experiences? Opinions?


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  • i'm guy who really change up when they see that you only want to be friends , don't worry, I listened to your story and i'm sorry things turned out that way but maybe he wasn't too Intrigued about chassing you and Constantly getting the cold shoulder. perhaps he lost interest in you, I hope you didn't fall in love with him or something

    • Nope, I only wanted a friendship with him - I don't feel anything towards him or else I wouldn't have given him a cold shoulder... I just didn't know where his assumption came from that I was developing feelings for him

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    • You're welcome! πŸ˜†

      And guess who randomly showed up at my one of my work sites even tho I made no mention of working last night and kept talking about hanging out again... Friendship card is set for sure on my end - I'm just not hoping he's another game player, I've dealt with enough of those πŸ™„
      But again, thanks for your help and honest answers!! :)

    • Haha it was my pleasure

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