Girls, has your guy ever come back after cheating?

A week ago my guy met a trashy slutty girl who posts only about how she hates men, how she loves sex dick and choking, how she will ruin lives etc and has guys comment what they would do to her and she plays along and suddenly now he's confused because he wants a relationship with me but suddenly isn't sure if he's ready for a serious relationship now that he's met this girl. He said he doesn't know what he wants and kept saying he'll be in touch when he figures it out

I told him I was done and he kept saying no don't walk away i just need time to think then I'll be in touch.
This was 4 days ago and we haven't spoken since.

Has as this ever happened or something similar and has he come back to you?

  • 1-4 weeks it took him to come back
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  • 2-6 months it took him to come back
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  • Years
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  • He never came back
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  • They always comes back