I had a weird Valentine's Day but who's fault was it?

My boyfriend at the time and I went out on a lunch date at a restaurant. He seemed preoccupied and sort of pissed off about something. I asked him if he wanted to do this another time. He said no. I looked great that day but he wouldn't even look at me. I had gone to a lot of trouble to look really pretty but not slutty or anything. While my boyfriend pretty much ignored me during the meal, all kinds of other guys in the restaurant were trying to flirt with me (he was ignoring me pretty much).
I wasn't encouraging them or anything but felt flattered to be getting so much admiration. Only my boyfriend wouldn't be bothered to enjoy my company. So weird. He ended up being mad at me because those guys were trying to flirt with me.


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  • I want say yours since its not valentine day!

    • It was that day.

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    • yeah he was in the wrong here for overreacting! He had you! If you want to be with somone else than you would of! yeah! I am sorry!

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  • Valentine's day is a woman's holiday. period.
    it is one of many bullshit made up holidays that the card companies created. I despise it completely. I will play along, but could not possibly care less.

    • Bullshit holiday or no, what do think about what happened? By the way, I think Christmas has been turned too commercialized so I get what you mean about that.

  • Are you sure *he* knew it was Valentine's day? It's the 27th of December, afterall...


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