How can I tell if a girl really loves me?

there's a girl that says she loves me and when I ask her to be honest she says she does, but she says it like it's just something she says, not like she has a deep burning passion for me.

I just don't know what to believe.


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  • I characterise a person by their actions not just their words. Personally, I believe If someone loves you then you'll know it. If they don't you'll feel confused and full of doubt about how they feel.

    Not everyone loves in the same way though. Just because a person doesn't show love in the same way you do that doesn't necessarily mean they don't love you. They may show you love you to the best of their ability. You just need to determine how you expect her to show her love for you, or how you want to be loved. Some people can't express how they feel. Talk to her about it. See what her response isπŸ’—

    • I've tried talking to her and she just says "I really do love you, know you that" or something along those lines

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    • Yeah :/ I've tried to move on but I love her too much 😭

    • Thanks for the MHO πŸ‘

      Sorry for errors, using mobile and keys keep sticking 😞

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  • The word love is used too much and out of context. Love is a "feeling" and if you are confused then it isn't real. Love is like a feeling of connection that runs deep between the two people. Ever have that sparking feeling when you have a crush on someone? Whenever you see them you feel weird and its like anxious. Thats what love is , but instead it isn't anxious but warmth. Actions speaks louder than words. A four letter word means so much less than acting on it. If i love that means ill short effort , sacrifice , patience , loyalty , commitment and it continues. Don't be fooled and if you're not sure? Ask questions to see where she stands with that word. Love is spritual , physical , emotional and mental affection.. Its not something that works through one person but both of the partners.

    Many people tend to get the word "love" and "lust" mixed up with one another.

    Love is driven through action.

    Lust is driven through physical appearance and cravings of ones presence.


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