I hate living at home?

im 23 and I found a room to rent of 375 incl w/g/l. I will I have 170 euro a month left for food. I swear im ready to b broke, I live in a controlling house, my stupid mom is annoying and just crazy. I had no social life for years now and I need a job but I can't even get a sucky job. I can't enjoy life either way, what should I do, im a student by the way


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  • I FEEL YOU. I am 22 and hate living at home. I feel like I became emotionally independent a long time ago so living here is just completely unnatural. I don't have a social life or a sex life, and my mother still expects me to "get out there" in the community, ie. start playing sports and shit so i can make friends, but why would a 22 year old woman want to start making friends in a town where young couples come to settle down? Young people who are too comfortable here never leave. My advice is keep trying to get a job, it's the only way.