Is he just interested in sex?

I was on a night out and bumped into my next door neighbor, we hadn't properly met yet and after having a couple drinks I plucked up the courage to go and talk to him. He was really nice and took me to another bar and bought me a drink, I ended up going back to his place and we had sex, it was great he called me beautiful said how much he loved my body and after we were done he cuddled me. The next morning when I had to leave he wanted me to stay for 5mins to cuddle so I did. He offered me some water and was very caring as I left. We had exchanged a few messages and I was back round at his three days later. We had sex again but he only wanted to pleasure me I didn't get a chance to do anything to him, it didn't last long and after he cuddled and stroked my back all night and all the next morning, as I left his he held my hand and walked me out. It's now two days later and he hasn't replied to my message, is he just after sex or am I being to clingy? I'm confused because he has many pet names he likes to call me including beautiful but is this just to get me into bed?


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  • Please be patient before you decide on anything due to his absence in replies.


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  • Honestly.
    That is what some guys like to do to just sweet talk and caress you with their words. If a guy is quick enough to make a move on without you being his? Then he is definitely using you. Him using you won't take place unless you allow him to make the moves which was his intentions in the first place. Never allow a guy to hit on you... Because now he received what he wanted he's onto the next girl. Him not replying is just him saying he doesn't want anything to do with you honestly because you gave up something he has been craving from you.

    • Honestly i can say that he's just interested in sex. But is it your fault? No but you have to be careful who you give your body to. Let this be a lesson and a change from this experience. I think he's a jerk and is only interested in one thing.. The world "beautiful" is just a word. Know who you are before anyone tries to seduce you. What i mean by that is not allowing the words of beautiful, goregous to sweep you off your feet before you even figure out whos the guy and his interests towards you.. Such as, is it negative or positive.

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    • Thanks so much for your help

    • No problem... Mail me if you are concerned about anything else.

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