I've been seeing someone for couple of months.. yet he doesn't want a relationship?

He tells me im stunning and fantastic on all areas,! The chemistry in and out of the bedroom is incredible. We spend quality time together. Speak all day every day. I never judge his past but help him see thats where it belongs. I know he's been hurt before... But haven't we all? When do people from our past get to decide our future? Xx


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  • People only let go of the past when they decide to let go of the hurt. It's not easy to do for a lot people. They allow the past to control so much of their emotions that it prevents them moving forward. The past can define a person.

    Some people are stronger than others. He may be too scared to comit because he doesn't ever want to feel that pain again , what he felt in the past. Love doesn't come with a guarantee, no one can guarantee they'll never hurt you and some people are just too scared to take that risk.

    It seems you may have to just accept the relationship on his terms, and hopefully in time he'll grow to trust you enough to take that leap of faith 💗 xx

    • I totally agree with everything you've said. I know the pain of being hurt by the past thats why i understand where he's coming from. Im not looking for an every day relationship but to stay the people we are in our own lifes.. But to make future plans would be nice!!

    • I understand. I like to know where I stand with a guy, and even if he's not wanting a totally committed relationship I'd still want to know I feature in his future. In a way it's unfair to you because of him not planning ahead it's probably causing you to feel emotionally unsafe with him. It would me anyway 💕💟