How often you are contacting with your partner when you are in holiday?

my boyfriend went to skii holiday with his friends and today is the second day that he did not contact with me at all. ı am not expecting from him to talk with me during his holiday but at least he could tell me ı am arrived, everything is ok etc etc. he said he will write me when he can and he has not been online so far but come on two days no internet in the hotel resorts.
we are together for a year and even when he went holiday previously with his family ( we were just starting to see each other not even dating ), he was keep writing everyday and it was difficult to find internet because he was in travelling in mountains. what should ı think? what would you think?


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  • I would be slightly worried with not hearing from him but he's on a holiday get away. I would expect him to have fun and not worry about messaging me.