Girls, She said were moving too fast but she initiated everything? Whats going on?

Ok so this girl is super chill, caring, and mature and we get along very well. But here's the dilemma. We met at a nice social bar. She came up to me and initiated conversation with me. We didn't talk the rest of the night after the 5 minute convo of introducing ourselves. Saw her the next night, not by accident. Talked to her and got her number. So we started talking immediately back and forth. Our connection was something so rare that we both felt it. She told me she wanted to tell me she loves me. She even introduced me to her parents. Of course I'm ok with all of this. Because somehow I've kind of fallen for her really quick. This is all in the span of a week. She just got out of a 2 and a half year relationship about a month or two ago. As did I about 3 months ago. But now, After all that initiated progress, She said I think we're moving too fast. She wants to still be able to do her own thing for a while but she wants to only have sex with each other though? I'm so confused.

Might I add important factor to this question. She said She wants to take her time before rushing in a relationship with me. I want to be 100% ready for you so I don't break your heart. Cause I can tell you right now that I'm not 100% so also wondering if she does want to be with me or not?


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  • Either she isn't over her ex yet or she wants to keep her options open.

    • What would you advise me do? I mean I don't think she wants to end things. I know she likes me. But I don't want to be naive.

    • When she said she wants to do her own thing still did she imply she still wants to see other people or what? This really just sounds like a cliche she wants to keep her options story.

    • She never said or implied she wants to see other people. And maybe I should have asked that? She said she just wants to be friends right now and not do the whole jealous thing. But work on us later. Her friends tell her she loves me apparently. So I don't know. Never got this many mixed signals before. And we still talk the wxact same? Like the through texting and talking.

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