Should I text him?

Me and my man are in a ldr and with new years coming up I was just wondering if people still actually send new years wishes/messages and if I should do so. I did for our first year together but this is our second year and I'm not sure if it's weird to send one to him or if I should anyways? Seeing as I won't be physically spending it with him...


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  • Definitely send him a message! In order for LDRs to work, you need to keep communication open. That would be a nice message to send him!

    • Yeah I usually send him one telling him what he means to me etc... Too long? Or is it okay lol

    • I think that's fine if you're in a relationship! My friends have been together for 3 years, they see each other all the time, and whenever it's a birthday or anniversary they will send a message about how much the other means to them. And these are people who see each other a lot. So I think it's fine, and probably important, to send loving messages like that in an LDR

    • Lol yeah ik coz I'm oneone those people who really expresses themselves. He was like that for the first year and now he'll do it on occasion or when I do it first...