Is this too much?

My boyfriend and i have been together for 4.5 years we met in pa but he now lives in ga because he got a better job offer and once i find a job down there i plan on moving in with him. Well as you know Christmas was on Friday and he flew in Thursday and got here at 3:30 PM and he picked me up and we went to chic fila well in the middle of our meal his mom calls him and gets all upset because god forbid he picked me up first and got something quick to eat before he saw her. She was like what about your family as if he is there to see just them and not me. He literally just got there it wasn't like he was there for a couple days and didn't see her. His parents are divorced so we spent Christmas eve at his dad and grandparents because the dad lives with the grandparents and then my boyfriend slept over at his moms about 15 minutes away. And then we spent all day on Christmas with his moms side of the family until 4:30 and then we went to my aunts in jenkintown and then we went to visit one of his best friends. The next day we went to breakfast with his dad and grandparents. Then we went out so we could get some alone time together and no lie as we are trying to have time to ourselves his mom starts blowing up his phone saying what about your family you know you should spend time with us. Im like are you serious we have been literally spending every waking second with his fam which i like them all i have no problem with. But cmon he lives 12 hours away his mom can't expect that we won't have any alone time together. He is only in town for 2.5 days not 2.5 weeks he has to make time for everyone. She is very manipulative ahe expects all his time and she acts like he is a 15 year old bot instead of a 28 year old man with his own life. She kept saying well Christmas is a family holiday and maybe thats true but that shouldn't exclude his partner of 4.5 years its not like we just started dating. His mom shouldn't think that her son is going to consider his girlfriend a separate entity from family after this point in time and besides we are grown adults. Like yes it is about family but we spent tons of time with his family i think we should be entitled to some alone time without getting shit about it from his mom. And she shouldn't be blowing up his phone the whole time either making him feel guilty the whole time and throwing a temper tantrum until she gets her way. Thoughts?


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  • Yes. This description is way too much.

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