Guy I talk to everyday and all day hasn't texted me in 2 days? Did I do something wrong?

We been talking for almost two months now. We're on winter break so we don't see each other until school starts. We have a bit of a friend/fwb/cuddle buddy thing I guess but haven't officially called it anything. So we've had sex once.

He usually initiates text conversations saying good morning or asking what I'm up to. He hasn't texted me for 2 days but he looks at my snaps and liked my IG pic. We last talked Christmas night and we were basically sexting. Then he told me he had work the next morning (he works all weekend). He said goodnight with a kissy face. He usually texts me when he's at work so it's weird. Is he suddenly not interested? I don't think I said anything wrong...

We we text everyday and all day so often that's it's weird not hearing from him for 2 days.


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  • Sounds like it's always him initiating conversation. Maybe he's tired of it and waits for you to write to him first. I once stopped texting a guy because I always texted him first and I felt like he didn't care enough to take the time to start up a conversation himself.