When you find out your S. O was chasing someone else?

If you ever gone through this, please share your thoughts.
I recently got into a relationship, been dating for a couple months and just decided to make it official. But I found out that this guy has been trying really hard to pursue another girl before he met me. And I found out that he continued to chase her even when we were dating. She rejected him which is why it didn't work out but I'm sure if she didn't reject him, they'd be together. I feel almost like a rebound and that he's with me because he can't be with her. Also it bothers me that she and I have a resemblance in physical appearance.
if you've ever been in a similar situation, how'd you feel? And do you think I'm overreacting for feeling bad about this?


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  • I wouldn't be concerned if this happened just prior to dating him, but you stated ," I found out that he continued to chase her even when we were dating"so that would definitely concern me. I'd feel like a second option. If she hadn't of rejected him then it seems like he would have left you for her. If not, then what would be the point in pursuing her while dating you. That would make me feel too emotionally insecure with him.

    I would never put myself in a position to be someone's other when I can be someone else's only.