Haven't had a match on Tinder in a week?

I've had Tinder for about a month and I used to get a match every day/other day. However, in the past week since coming home (about 100 miles from where I was) I haven't had a single match at all. I don't really understand this drastic drop off. Can anyone help please? Has this happened to you?


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  • What you could do, is go outside to any random destination, then introduce yourself to a woman you find attractive.

    • This so this!
      Forget tinder, do it old fashioned, it's never needed to be replaced

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    • This will sound dumb but, how exactly do you do that? I'm alright once I get talking to people, but it's the initial introduction I cannot do.

    • You can strike a conversation about literally anything. Say she has a great sense of style, comment on a watch or something, ask where she got something that she's wearing, say you're new and want to know what there is to do around here. As long as you're legit and not pretending to be something you're not, and aren't overwhelmed with ffear, its simple.

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  • I'm no expert as I only used tinder for one week, but it's all about your pics. Pics can make a5 look like an 8, and a 9 look like a 6.

    • But it seems to work at the other place, I don't know what has changed

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