Confused about a girl?

I've known this girl for a long time, we text everyday and hangout every now and then. When we do hangout its just me and her. I had recently asked her if we are friends and if that's all we will ever be.. she said " well you're one of my best friends and right now I'm not looking for a boyfriend.. but if i were I'd consider you, but I'm not looking for one right now" she also brought up the fact that she didn't want to lose our friendship and claimed it was just something to think about. I'm just confused on whether she actually meant what she was saying or was an attempt to let me down easy. What's my next move?


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  • I think she meant it literally. She doesn't want you right now, but you are her type so in a different situation she might have considered you. Next move: stay a close friend. By all means she doesn't want to rush things, but if you want her you should also try to stay interesting to her.

    • See but I feel like if we keep staying friends I'm never gonna get out the friend zone or she's just gonna find someone else

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  • Confused? Lol were all confused man, I believe that maybe you should stay close to her but don't let it keep you from meeting other girls because you could waste a lot of time on a project that never gets complete I've been in a similar situation before and it is very easy to get hurt in your situation so in a way you should semi sorta move on but keep her close by in case she changes her mind good luck!