Is this flirting?

I honestly don't know what flirting is. But this happens to me in shops
Or fast food places
So couple months back my Bro is like let's get pizza hut
I've never tried that pizza so I was like sure
We were waiting for the pizza and this one was small and I had nowhere to sit so I stood near the door
by the way I looked rachet
Hair tied up
Hoodie on
(It was at night)
Anyways the door was glass and I see this attractive guy walking up to pizza hut
He had a really nice smile and right before he opens the door he smiles at me from the outside
He enters
Gets his order
At this point I found a place to sit
And as he's walking past he smiles at me and says see you around
And he pulled on a push door
And he said fuck under his breath and that made me laugh
So he looked at me again and smiled with a shy laugh.
So was that flirting? by the way his smile belonged to some dentist advert haha it was so on point


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  • No, its just being friendly. Which also is a form of flirting. Confusing shit.