Guys, I really need input from guy's on this one, please?

I've been seeing someone for 3 months now, know him for more than one year; we met as I took some temp work from him and I didn't realize it then, but he always liked me. So many months later after I stopped working with me, he resurfaced (we were friends on FB) and started asking me out.

So I know for a fact he isn't married but there's this older woman with him a lot and I see her pics with him (non-romantic honestly) for 2 years like she's with him everywhere. I asked if he lived with her early on he said no, he lived alone.

Fast forward to just a few nights ago, he came over to my new apartment we were alone and we did finally have sex.

It's only AFTER that he starts telling me that he wants me to go hang out with him and this older woman but added 'don't tell her about us,' of course this was upsetting to me.

I told him he should leave. He had 3 months to tell me if there was someone else, really hateful.

I gave him his car keys and cell phone and no matter what I said, he would not budge, would not leave, and kept INSISTING he was NOT involved with her, stating that 'she's attached and I just don't want to hurt her feelings.'

Would any man like to be told 'hey I wanna be with you but if _____ is around, don't tell him you're sleeping with me'?

Oh well, I just can't believe he doesn't have something with her and I would appreciate any insight from the men here. In light of all this, when he calls me, I am telling him that I don't want to see/talk to him anymore.

Thanks for reading :)

MEN? Come on, need your input please :)


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  • It could just be that she is really nosy and annoying, I knew a girl like that and so avoided telling her anything about my dating life

    • I don't think it's as simple as that, wish it were.

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    • Duh and EXACTLY! I just don't understand why this woman is all over him and constantly with him and then he said this I mean it's hard to understand. Unless of course I'm right and he took her help and she backed one of his ventures and now he feels indebted to her.

    • maybe she is more into him than he is to her, I am assuming this guy is quite shy as he took so long to ask you out, maybe he doesn't know how to get rid of her and doesn't want to hurt her feelings

  • *gasp* he's playing you...

    • Men are so stupid with this whole 'playing' bull. Call it what you want but in reality it's someone who's obviously unhappy and lonely enough regardless who's invested just about a year, off and on, maybe more, trying to get closer to me. So maybe it's not 'playing' maybe it's someone not knowing how to get rid of an old obligation while at the same time wanting to pursue a new life with someone closer to his own age.

    • we are crazy blind and jaded...

    • For whatever it's worth, I emailed him today and ended it. I told him I found it strange he wanted to hide our relationship from this woman and then asked him how he'd feel if I asked to keep him a secret from a particular man? So I wasn't angry or anything but I just told him it was time for me to walk away... oh well, felt I had no choice.

  • You're being played by a professional. At your age you really ought to know better.

    • Yes but 'at your age' doesn't apply because I don't sleep around or have loads of experience with men regardless. But I get your point.

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    • There is someone else I talk to as friends, and he's very romantic and sweet - not to mention hot. He's not a player, knows me 4 years, treats me like a princess and hey we get along well. I am seeing him next weekend.

    • Good for you.