Guys, What is going on with him?

Guys, I have a question in hopes that someone can give me some insight. I met a guy who I really like however, the same night we met up for dinner, our convo went briefly about him thinking he was in love, made the move to a different state with his girl then he said she was a "horrible" person but wouldn't elaborate further. Later that night, he briefly mentioned that she was a horrible person again (as it had something to do with our convo). I asked him to elaborate how was she horrible but he said, let's just leave it at that- she's horrible. I didn't press further. I could tell that he wasn't fully over her even when 6 months had passed since then.

Regardless him and I hit it off and met up again. Since then he has been hot and cold towards me and I keep thinking that it likely has something to do with not being over the ex. Also, what would constitute her being classified as horrible- cheating?

Is my gut telling me that I might be right?


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  • If he's still pissed and talking about her then he's still hurt. Horrible could also mean manipulative, liar, user, etc

    • That makes sense. Does that then explain why he's hot then cold towards me without provocation? In fact, he ignored me completely out of the blue yet recently before that it seemed like he was head over heels to see me.

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    • That would be best. In the mean time get on with your life. He knows how you feel if he wants to be with you he'll make the effort

    • Thank you. I will do that.

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