Is it wrong to admire players?

I'm not a player, I'd never treat a woman that way, but I have to say I do admire players. I love how a player makes it so easy to get sex, they manipulate women so easily and it's really fun to watch. The woman doesn't know what's happening and then the penny finally drops after she puts out and he's off to find someone new.

I also love how these women will then slate all men, go on a slut phase and then settle down with some unsuspecting chump who feels like he's got the ultimate prize.

Real life really is better than reality TV.


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  • That's kinda sad. I don't like seeing people get manipulated and hurt.

    Yes, it's wrong.

    • It's just so much drama and so much and I have to admire from afar because I am not a player nor do I get myself into these situations. It's like a soap opera, I think it makes for some entertainment even if it at someone else's expense.

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  • Technically for guys it's more difficult to get casual sex than it is to get a woman to have sex with you after you've dated her for months and agreed to commit. So in regards to what is more difficult for men, I am more impressed with the guys who can seduce women into sleeping with them right away.

    • I concur, it's definitely harder but for some men, women make it super easy.

    • Yes because they have traits that women find highly desirable. They are usually above average looking, confident, fun, good at talking to women and generating sexual tension.

    • They get salty and start sucking on all sorts of random dicks to get over it and then settle for some chump but by then they are damaged goods and end up cheating or hurting the chump. It's hilarious man, it really creases me up something chronic.

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  • wow. I admire players. Its a tough job. I suck at it. I want something real anyways and don't put out

    • A real player like me would have you putting out.
      I make girls fall in love with me very fast and very easily. I can capture your attention and using triggers I can evoke any emotion in you that I like, including infatuation and love. Or at very least a desire for you to want to love me. I once played a close friendship group and had 4 girls who were all best friends saying they were falling for me within a week of gaming them. And I fucked all 4 of them in 3 days and then got bored and ignored them all lol.
      Playing is so easy :)

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    • well played

    • Played? I don't play, I just admire. :)

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  • I know that it is not wrong to admire sports players.

  • No, deception is never admirable. I'm not especially impressed by guys who have lots of women. All the ones I've seen do it by seeking out vulnerable women. They can't get any woman they want, they can just always find some woman they can get.