I'm not the best looking. Should I even bother with online dating?

I'm not the best looking and I'm not very photogenic. I know a lot of online is your profile pic, be honest, should I even bother with online dating sites?

  • No, its hard enough for guys on these sites, unless your hot, you shouldn't bother
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  • Yes, plenty of average guys get dates on these sites
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What Girls Said 1

  • What do you look like?

    • About average I guess.

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    • Sure is there a way to do it on this site? Probably simpler.

    • Not that I know of on this site, but you can email me at ovetjkinfan8@hotmail. com

What Guys Said 2

  • I don't bother anymore with them although I still do have one, I got rid of my picture.

  • I'm usually considered good looking and it was nothing but a waste of time for me. Do what you want, maybe you'll have better luck, just keep your expectations low and do not rely on it as your only source for dating.