Guys, I think my shy crush likes me what to do next?

by the way am 1 year older than him


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  • Smile and wave at him and give him your number and see if he wants to hang out with you to get to know you better.

    • When i smile he smiles back with a blush , he teases me somtimes but still he won't initiate a chat via text or in person

    • He seems super shy. It might be hard to break him open from his shell. Him smiling and blushing shows hope. Maybe with time he will open up more.

  • Hint him that you like him back.
    If you are SURE that he likes you (not just 'think'), you make the first move

    • Should i text him frequently then hint?
      How would the hint be like?

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    • I started a chat today i said something funny nd he laughed but nothing more he didn't try to drag a conversation is this a bad sign?

    • Maybe he doesn't know what to say or is busy