What can I stop thinking of a girl?

Hello, there's a girl that I've asked out (for the first time in my whole life) and she clearly said to me that she has a boyfriend.

The issue is that I'm falling into a depression, because I keep thinking of her the whole day. I really want to move on but I am unable to do it right now.

Keep in mind that I've asked her out 1 month ago, and I am still thinking of her.
I never felt such a way toward a girl, well it is the first time at the age of 22 that I take a girl's number and ask her out.

What should I do please?

Thanks to all of you who provided answers to this question. :)


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  • Try going out and talk to more girls , you can alwayss get over a person! (: you just gotta meet other girls so this one girl can get out of your mind. Goodluck!

    • ^ this one is the best answer and the only correct one so far. The more you try and push her out of your mind the more you will think of her.

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  • in rare instances like this, if you can't do anything to help move past her, then relish into your agony and just full on experience the fucking pain, the hurt, the rejection, all of it. just take it in and let it happen. expose yourself to it.


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  • Practice the phrase "Out of sight, out of mind" That is the only thing that works, always. There is this girl where I have woken up everyday for the past 3 years and had her cross my mind, consciously and subconsciously at least once. That is how much I think about her, loved her. The only thing the worked for me was "Out of sight, out of mind". But the problem is she is a small part of my life. We go to the same college and bump into each other some times. SO my formula fails on me. :(