A bully is chasing you up a tree?

So a bully who was beating you up chases you up into a tree house after you escape. You manage to get to the top of the 10m (30ft) tree and you see him climbing up the ladder on the trunk. Would you kick him off? stomp on his fingers or let him get up there and continue to beat you?

  • Stomp on his fingers when he gets to the top, although he might fall to his death
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  • Kick him in the face, although he might fall to his death
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  • Let him get to the top and sort it out from there
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  • Climb higher into the tree
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  • other
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  • He better hope he can fly cuz it's a 91/2 to the face

  • Kick him in the face. He's threatening me? I'll defend myself, I'll fight like my life's at stake